Shared Harvest

Through our Shared Harvest program, we share 30% of the food we grow. 

Grow Dat works to build solidarity relationships with other local organizations whose mission and values are in alignment with ours. We share 30% of produce grown on the farm with our Shared Harvest partners and facilitate opportunities for youth employees and members of our partner organizations to engage in mutual educational exchanges. By deepening our connections with other groups committed to building collective power, we increase our capacity to work towards a more just and equitable food system for New Orleans

Our Shared Harvest Partners for 2017/2018 season

24 Carrot Garden // Facebook Page HERE

Women With A Vision // Website HERE

The First 72+ // Website HERE

Hueman Development Project // Instagram HERE [@Iamahueman]

Louisiana Center For Children's Rights //  Website HERE

Tulane University School of Medicine's Brinton Family Health Clinic // Website HERE

First Grace Church // Website HERE

Community Kitchen // Facebook HERE

Break-Out! // Website HERE

Grow Dat Youth + Families


Please review our selection criteria before applying!
Shared Harvest Selection Criteria

All potential Shared Harvest partners must fill out an application form, found here:
Shared Harvest Partner Application