Over 250 youth leaders have graduated from our leadership programs since 2011 and more than 30 of those youth have returned to Grow Dat for higher level leadership programs and alumni positions. Three former youth leaders have become full-time staff.

After the Core Leadership Program:

85% of youth reported that they now feel comfortable receiving feedback from their supervisors.
As a result of Grow Dat's program, 89% of participants categorize themselves as a leader.
73% of youth have experienced growth in their ability to show up regularly to work commitments.
82% of youth feel comfortable communicating professionally even when addressing difficult matters as a result of our programming.
72% of youth reported that they are self aware of the growth areas in which they should work on as a result of Grow Dat’s programming.
78% of youth have experienced substantial growth in communicating with folks who don’t share the same demographics. ( race, class, gender,etc.)
86% of youth feel they can now make changes in their communities.
88% of youth feel they can complete complex tasks in the allowed time.
83% of youth feel comfortable speaking in front of a large group.