At Grow Dat Youth Farm, we use sustainable methods to build a resilient agricultural system. To us that means producing food by supporting natural ecological systems and stewarding natural and human resources for the future. We do not use chemical-based pesticides or fertilizers. Instead, we utilize techniques such as cover cropping, composting, companion planting, farmscaping and crop rotation to stimulate micro-biological activity and soil health.



Grow Dat’s eco campus was built and donated by students and staff at the Tulane City Center part of the Tulane School of Architecture. Our eco campus has received national attention for the beauty, sustainability and function of the design, including 2014 AIA Louisiana Honor and Members Choice Awards, a 2012 SEED Award, and a 2012 AIA New Orleans Design Award of Honor.



The City Park birding corridor preserves and creates an essential habitat for the birds of South Louisiana. This project is a collaboration among the Audubon Society of Louisiana, the local Chapter of the Audubon Society, City Park and Grow Dat Youth Farm. Enjoy the ‘birdwalk’ that overlooks the bayou and provides great opportunities to view resident and migratory birds. This beautiful space creates tremendous learning opportunities for our youth employees, students visiting on field trips and the wider public to learn about how to protect spaces in our region that are critical to the ongoing survival of many native species of birds.