Your voice counts. Expand local food and youth jobs in City Park.


We need your help!

Here at Grow Dat, we have big plans. Plans to double youth employment opportunities and triple the amount of locally-grown produce that we sell and donate to the community. But we're running out of space!

That's where you come in. Yes, YOU! New Orleans City Park, our beloved home for the past five years, is seeking public comment on what to do with unallocated land between Harrison Avenue and Highway 610. In order for us to expand our impact, we need your help to grow our farm!

Two EASY ways to support Grow Dat's expansion:

  1. Join us at City Park's first public meeting to share why YOU think Grow Dat's expansion will benefit our community.
    WHEN: Saturday, October 15, from 8:30 AM to 10:30 AM
    WHERE: The Arbor Room in City Park, 30 Zachary Taylor Dr., New Orleans, LA 70124
  2. Take a minute to fill out City Park's survey, and share why you think Grow Dat's expansion is a great use of land in City Park.

    Don't feel like writing out your own response? Feel free to use one or all of these points to paste in each "Activity Idea and Reason Why" section of the survey!
  • Grow Dat's Expansion: Increased local food production through urban farming. Access to locally grown produce at a centrally-located site such as City Park will be a huge asset in our community. The farm will be able to triple the amount of produce grown, sold and donated in the community.

  • Grow Dat's Expansion: Employment for young adults and learning opportunities for children through urban farming. Grow Dat will double the number of young people employed through leadership and alumni programs and host more educational activities for the community.

  • Grow Dat's Expansion: Environmentally sustainable land use, design, and urban farming. Grow Dat's plans to renovate existing park infrastructure and use sustainable design, native plantings, and storm water management techniques will preserve and enhance green space rather than replace it with new development.

    Survey link can be found at the bottom of this page!

What will expansion of Grow Dat Youth Farm look like?

Job creation and increased leadership opportunities for New Orleans youth
With the expansion of our farm, we will be able to double the number of young people employed through our leadership and alumni programs. In total, Grow Dat currently employs nearly 90 people annually, and that number will continue to grow. 

More local food and markets in a centralized location
We will triple our annual production of food and increase access to locally grown produce in our community through expanded markets and CSA/farm shares. With this increased production, we will also expand community impact through the continued donation of 30% of the food that we grow.

More community programming and beautiful spaces for families to share
We will host more community programming and educational opportunities such as on-site markets, field trips, farm tours, yoga and other classes, and special events. Community members will be welcome to enjoy our open spaces! Just like the Birding Corridor near the bayou on our current site, we will create additional foot trails and gathering spaces for public enjoyment.

Sustainable design and land stewardship
In addition to agricultural fields, our plans incorporate native plantings and storm water management practices. We will also continue our existing sustainable agriculture and land management practices such as organic soil-building, erosion reduction, composting, and invasive species removal.  

Enhancing existing structures for a low-impact expansion
Our plans to expand our site eastward toward Pan American stadium include renovating existing structures such as City Park’s historic caddy shack built by the Works Progress Administration. We will utilize existing infrastructure rather than create new buildings. Our site will not be fenced so that community members can enjoy the space.

Increased resources brought to City Park and reduction in maintenance costs
We will leverage necessary resources to restore currently unused, historic park infrastructure. We have already convened a local and national pro-bono team of engineers, architects, landscape architects, and landscape designers to work on the project. The expansion of our site will also allow the park to reduce the need for maintenance from their staff.

Connecting the north and south parts of City Park
We will play a key role in connecting the park below Highway 610 with the space above 610 through creating easy access and hosting new events, educational programming, and an expanded market. With new foot trails and bike paths, we will increase circulation for pedestrians and cyclists through our farm.

With a proven track record of success, Grow Dat Youth Farm is an established entity already located inside of New Orleans City Park since 2012. Grow Dat’s expansion will add an additional 8 acres to our existing 7-acre site. This is only 7% of the total number of acres currently up for allocation in City Park.

The expansion of Grow Dat Youth Farm will have a small footprint within the park, but it will have a big impact on our community!

For media inquiries, questions, or more information on how to support Grow Dat Youth Farm's expansion, contact Jamie Broussard at