PLEASE NOTE: Grow Dat will not be hosting volunteers during the summer. Volunteer opportunities will resume mid-September.

Individuals (ages 10 and above, minors must be accompanied by guardians) are welcome to help with farm tasks such as weeding, non-native plant removal and harvesting on select days during the farm season (October 1st - July 1st). 

Volunteer hours are weekday mornings, Tuesday - Friday, from 8:30AM - 12:30PM. 

We will not host drop-in volunteers during the following periods: week of Mardi Gras, week of Thanksgiving, weeks between Christmas and New Year's Day, July 1 - October 1.

Just show up at the farm ten minutes early with good shoes you don't mind getting dirty, a water bottle, snacks, and a hat. Be ready to sign a liability waiver.



We host volunteer groups (consisting of five or more individuals) ages 18 and above from universities, businesses and faith-based organizations. Currently, we do not offer group volunteer opportunities for groups under the age of 18. Group volunteer work usually consists of 3 to 6 hours of hand weeding, non-native plant removal, soil building or native tree planting. For all non-corporate groups, a $10 per person donation is requested to help cover farm supplies and staffing expenses, and all individuals are required to sign a liability waiver in advance of arrival.

To schedule a volunteer group, please contact Farm Manager Leo Gorman.