VISIONS Training

Since early on in our organizational development, people have been inspired by our work and have asked us to teach them how our model works. We provide fee-for-service consulting in the VISIONS model of diversity and inclusion, communication across difference, and creating successful multicultural teams.

Example Content Areas

  • Uses VISIONS model for diversity and inclusion

  • Psycho-social training model that increases self-awareness and effective communication in cross-cultural teams resulting in greater team work and efficiency in diverse teams, greater capacity to build and retain diverse teams, and greater capacity to create equitable systems within an organization.

  • Communication concepts include recognizing “intent versus impact” and noticing “process and content,” or what, how and why we say something and how people respond.

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Jabari Brown is a founding staff member at Grow Dat Youth Farm and a consultant for VISIONS-Inc. As a consultant for VISIONS he has led trainings locally and nationally for universities, church groups and other organizations. As an advocate and consultant for the VISIONS he promotes diversity, equity and inclusion at personal, interpersonal, institutional and cultural levels. He credits much of Grow Dat’s success as a youth organization to building relationships across difference. Through his efforts he has been able to lead teenagers and adults through the process of recognizing, understanding, celebrating, and utilizing differences. As a practitioner and student he is on a lifelong journey of accepting others and challenging his own biases. A thoughtful facilitator, Jabari shares his learning and experiences with others and works to cultivate a space in which others feel safe to take a risks and to share as they challenge their thoughts, feelings, and actions about individuals different than themselves. Change happens one person at a time.  

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Kevin Connell is the Education Coordinator at Grow Dat Farm where his primary focus is curriculum and instruction for our 70+ youth employees. His teaching aims to help young people understand both ecological and social implications of sustainable agriculture -- connecting the dots between how we treat the earth and how we treat each other. He also trains our adult Crew Leaders and teenage Assistant Crew Leaders in facilitation skills--including lesson planning, instructional strategies, and managing conflict. Prior to Grow Dat, Kevin has brought his interest in social justice pedagogy to a variety of settings: as an an adult education instructor in New Orleans, an English teacher in Indonesia, and a special education science teacher in New York City. This experience working with students across languages, cultures, ability levels, and ages helps Kevin facilitate meaningful learning experiences for participants regardless of their their level of experience with this content.


Jeanne Firth is on the founding staff team of Grow Dat Youth Farm and served as the organization's first Assistant Director. She is currently completing a PhD in Human Geography and the Environment at the London School of Economics and Political Science. Jeanne holds a MSc also from the LSE in Gender, Development and Globalization, and a B.S.S. in Peace and Conflict Studies from Cornell College. Taking an intersectional approach and utilizing a feminist lens, Jeanne is committed to understanding how power functions at personal, interpersonal, cultural and institutional/systemic levels. In her facilitation, teaching and approach to research, she upholds the importance of both process and content: that how we learn is of equal importance to what we learn.


Example Client

Taylor Center for Social Innovation and Design Thinking, Tulane University

Trainers provided in-class lessons on diversity and inclusion, using VISIONS tools, paired with youth-led experiential education time for Tulane students at the farm.

“I feel like I have learned what interpersonal prejudices I have inadvertently held, and Grow Dat has helped me combat some of those behaviors.”

“Grow Dat Youth Farm has not only taught me about the issues facing the New Orleans community, but given me the tools to change those issues and better our city.”

Crew Leader Yasmin Davis teaching Tulane students in the Taylor Center's Social Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship Program.

Crew Leader Yasmin Davis teaching Tulane students in the Taylor Center's Social Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship Program.