Meet Sarah

“They make you do things that are outside your comfort zone... You have to move material, or flat shovel. And I had never done either of those things. So that's really something that's outside my comfort zone. Correction, [that] was outside my comfort zone.”

Sarah is a student at De La Salle in New Orleans. She joined the Grow Dat team as a Crew Member in 2016 and returned to Grow Dat in September of 2017 as an Assistant Crew Leader where she helped to lead a group of Crew Members through the spring Leadership Program.

“After I started working at Grow Dat, I had something to look forward to after school. I had something to keep me occupied, something to wear me out... I had really bad insomnia. It changed me a lot mentally. It brought me from a dark place where I couldn't focus and I couldn't sleep, and I wasn't happy, to a place where I was excited for something.”

 Sarah returned again in the fall as a part of the Food Justice Project where she built garden beds that are currently on display at Grow Dat.

Sarah is currently a Senior at De La Salle and continues to be a part of Grow Dat Alumni Programs.

Kathy McConnell