Meet Glen

“I’ve gotten a lot better at just listening to people, not to respond but just to listen, which some of my friends are not used to me doing”

Glen came to work at Grow Dat Youth Farm when he was 15 because he needed a job. He heard about Grow Dat through the presentations at his school and immediately felt a connection to it:

“Gardening with my mom is a peaceful place to be. I learned they do cooking here and I was like, ‘Oh I like cooking with my mom too’ -- two things I love to do with my mom”

Since joining the program at Grow Dat Glen has emerged as a natural leader. Part of the curriculum is something we call “Real Talk” in which participants receive feedback from their Crew Leaders on a bi-weekly basis. This feedback comes in the form of two positives and a delta, or an opportunity for change. Many young people feel this is a primary source of their growth and development.

Kathy McConnell