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Food Justice Project Member


Who We Are

The mission of Grow Dat Youth Farm is to nurture a diverse group of young leaders through the meaningful work of growing food. At Grow Dat, people from different backgrounds come together to create a more just and sustainable food system. On our farm we work collaboratively to grow food, educate and inspire youth and adults, and build power to create personal, social and environmental change.

Job Description

The Food Justice Project is a collective of alumni working to deepen Grow Dat’s relationship with its community, including but not limited to: Shared Harvest Partners, alumni, families, and community members.  

The Food Justice Project is 12 weeks long. Meetings will take place on Tuesdays and Saturdays.The FJP members will be responsible for getting to and from Grow Dat and any and all off site venues, unless told otherwise. The members will be held accountable to the Grow Dat Standards System, similar to that of the Leadership Program.  

Areas of Responsibility

1. Attendance & Professionalism

  • Arrive on time to all sessions, stay for the whole time. Communicate with PPC if lateness or absence is unavoidable

  • Uphold Guidelines and Standards at all times

  • Demonstrate respectful and professional behavior with fellow FJP members and Grow Dat staff at all times

2. Learning

  • Deepen content knowledge of Grow Dat curriculum including Food Justice, Sustainable Agriculture, and Leadership Skills.

  • Develop a tangible vision for what food justice looks like in New Orleans

  • Develop and increase proficiency with respect to communications skills (e.g., public speaking)

  • Engage in learning matched to the project area; for example, honing knife and cooking skills for facilitating a culinary class, or mastering basic construction skills for building a raised bed

3. Facilitating / Community Engagement

  • Serve as an ambassador for Grow Dat in our community, not only upholding our standards and guidelines, but actively and respectfully engaging with community partners as a representative of our values

  • Deepen facilitation skills in order to better engage children, youth, and community members in workshops and projects

Food Justice Project Assistant Crew Leaders

Job Description

The role of FJP Assistant Crew Leader (FJP ACL) is an opportunity to put into practice many of the leadership skills learned during the Leadership Program. The FJP ACL will help guide the next cohort of Food Justice Project Members through the fall program, while serving as positive role models and mentor. The ACL will assist the Field Trip and Alumni Coordinator (Kaya Jones) and the Education Coordinator (Kevin Connell) to facilitate content workshops, openers and closers, activities, and ag tasks.

Areas of Responsibility

Areas of Responsibility

  1. Modeling

  • Serve as a positive role model for FJP members

  • Be punctual and organized

  • Uphold Guidelines and Standards at all times

  • Take leadership role in all activities FJP members participate in

  • Commit to clear communication, using Visions tools to resolve conflict when needed

  1. Learning

  • Deepen content knowledge of Grow Dat curriculum:

    • Leadership, Food justice, and sustainable agriculture

    • Develop and increase proficiency with respect to communications skills (e.g., public speaking, professional communication via phone or email)

  • Understand Grow Dat’s conflict resolution process and emergency protocol

  1. Facilitating

  • Lead openers and closers

  • Assist with demonstrating and supervising ag tasks

  • Lead small groups

  • Facilitate portions of workshops

4. Logistics / Administration

  • Assist with coordination of interview and hiring process

  • Assist with collection and input of violations on a weekly basis

  • Record Real Talk notes to share with FJP staff

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Alumni Update

Have other questions about alumni opportunities? Email Kaya, Field Trip and Alumni Coordinator at kaya@growdatyouthfarm.org